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About Us

We do have a little story to tell about us. Two things you can already expect; It’s a love story and it’s about fashion!


The realization

It all started here in Dubai, the world’s emerging fashion capital. Despite the thrill and the buzz of this city, shopping has started to feel more like a burden, than the fun experience it used to be. We've become too overwhelmed by the options and the preferences that focus, personal attention and individuality has been tossed to the side, and ever more ignored. Nowadays, we can’t afford the time to be overwhelmed, we just want to be understood and offered what we need.

Retailers needed to step back a little and remind themselves of what we, consumers and specifically women, enjoyed the most about the shopping experience; as it is nothing less than an experience. A pleasurable one of course, where one would feel renewed and able to express herself the way she chooses, where attention to our needs was not simply a means to an end, but actually the end itself, the journey itself.

We all want to feel heard and understood, and that our individuality is taken seriously.

And what’s been happening is that we have become increasingly immersed in the daily race of our lives, where the luxury of time has adopted a whole new significance. Therefore, we needed to be able to enjoy this experience at our own pace and on our own terms.

And this is how it all began…


The conception

The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.— Oscar de la Renta

Gingelinging was born as an online destination for fashion forward women looking for originality and uniqueness; who are looking away from mass and repetition, in both the product as well as the shopping experience. 

Although we are online, however, we are continuously working on personalizing your shopping experience. We speak to you through our products, by handpicking each and every item you see on your screen.

We feel that every piece has to stand on its own, tell a story, and make a style statement; from the casual top that you’ll sport with your faded jeans on a spontaneous Saturday with friends, to the cocktail dress you’ll be showing off that same evening.

Not only are we able to fulfill your orders faster, thanks to regional proximity, but we’re also adamant about delivering top notch customer service in terms of exchanges, refunds & any other requirements/issues you may have. We’re just a phone call away and we’re always open to your feedback so we can serve you even better.


Looking forward

I really do believe that art changes the landscape of the world.— Marc Jacobs 

The story is almost over, but the best part is yet to come. At Gingerlining we also offer a platform for talents across the world to reach their customers. Every day, we come across brilliant designers who are unable to reach out due to challenges like legitimizing their businesses; whether through licensing logistics or the expenses involved. We take care of all that. We showcase their products on our website, we market, we sell, we deliver, we support and we help creatives focus on what they do best, which is design and create! 

So if you are a fashion, accessory, shoes, or swimwear designer and you feel that you share the same style language with us, we welcome you to approach us for a chance to become part of the Gingerlining family.


Meet the Founder


Haya Dabbagh is someone who has a vision and a dream; combined with long experience in business management

that involved several fashion retail projects. She breathes “Gingerlining” and looks just like the Gingerlining girl!

She’s so connected to her customers and is available to contact at any time. She’ll pull out all the stops to

make sure each one of them is satisfied with their buying experience. She’s driven by the love & the support

of her family, extreme determination and a life long passion for fashion! 


* Gingerlining Website is owned and managed by Gingerlining LLC



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