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PROVOC CCC Palette 9g is the tool of definition and refinement any face would need.

The 4 palette collection CCC1- Profile, CCC2- Outline, CCC3- Screen & CCC4- Express cover all functions; Contouring, highlighting, Concealing and Correcting but vary based on the concealer shades included in each palette.

Each woman can choose her palettes based on her needs and facial conditions. Each palette has its own unique shades, only a couple of shades are duplicated among them. This is an advantage for mixing and  blending colors together to get your own unique tones. As for the CCC3-Screen palette its specified as the correction palette, it holds all the corrector shades necessary to erase all discolorations, black spots, blemishes and redness.

Enhanced by high quality and a feminine touch, you’ll notice its unique long wear and results in; a matte finish, it balances oil control and has strong coverage. It smells beautiful and defines/covers perfectly whether you choose to apply it above the foundation lightly or use more product and apply it beneath.

It has a magnetic close keeping the product clean and fresh to use.

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